Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences

First Advisor

James Brenner

Second Advisor

Maria Pozo de Fernandez

Third Advisor

Christopher Bashur

Fourth Advisor

Ted Conway


As a cell line thrives within a culture, some of the cells undergo the natural process of death. Whether it is due to apoptotic or necrotic causes, cell death is a significant hurdle for tissue engineering and cell cultivation. When cells attached to a scaffold die, they slough off from the scaffold into the bloodstream. If left unchecked, these dead cells and any cellular waste products accumulate and could affect the living cells’ ability to survive. The objective of this thesis was to construct a separation system that can filter away any unwanted suspended solids while allowing nutrients to recycle back into the bioreactor. The capacity of the filters used in this separation system was determined by utilizing a resistance-in-series model. The upper limit of control variables for operation such as pressure drop and turbidity for the filters is also established in this thesis.