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Doctor of Philosophy in Aviation Sciences



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John Deaton

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Rian Mehta

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Margaret Wallace


The purpose of the current study was to develop and validate the ITF scale that measured airline passengers’ intention to fly during a global disruption. Based on the review of the literature, the researcher identified several dimensions, and each dimension was measured by question items. The target population of the current study was airline passengers in the United States who were at least 18 years old. A sample was collected using the convenience sampling. The questionnaire was distributed online. The ITF scale was validated using data collected from the online questionnaire. A factor analysis was performed. The results of the factor analysis indicated that the ITF scale had three dimensions: attitude, subjective norms, and travel risk. The researcher assessed the convergent validity and discriminant validity of the ITF scale. The reliability of the ITF scale was examined using the Cronbach’s α and Guttman split-half coefficient. The results indicated that the ITF scale had sufficient validity and reliability. As an application of the newly developed ITF scale, the researcher identified demographics groups that were more likely to fly during a global disruption.


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