Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Aerospace, Physics, and Space Sciences

First Advisor

Ralph D. Kimberlin

Second Advisor

Brian A. Kish

Third Advisor

Isaac M. Silver

Fourth Advisor

David C. Fleming


This document finds the stability and control affects of electric powerplant conversion on a pre-existing internal combustion powered Pipistrel Virus SW through comparison with the Pipistrel Velis Electro. Testing included analysis of both static and dynamic stability on the longitudinal and lateral-directional axes of the airplane. Due to the light sport airplane being used in testing, some of the intedended tests were unable to be performed, however, conclusions were still capable of being made. The primary conclusion is that electric conversion of an airframe has no significant negative consequences, with the airplane still exhibiting positive stability on all three axes. High sensitivity to the lateral CG location was found in both airplanes, along with a lack of control force feedback that made overcontrolling easy, which is common behavior to light sport aircraft. Longitudinal stability was found to have a slight detrement, with lateral-direction experiencing a slight improvement on the Velis Electro.


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