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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Bisk College of Business

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Nick Daher

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Emily Martinez-Vogt

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Denise Siegfeldt

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Theodore Richardson


The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore if emotional intelligence has an impact on a millennial leader’s efforts to reduce turnover in the multigenerational sales occupational field. Ben Peterson, CEO of BambooHR, hypothesized “replacing talent runs as high as two times’ annual salary” (Maurer, 2015). Among the highest risk for workforce turnover, salespeople were estimated to leave an organization twice as often as individuals in other professions. A critical field of study on a method for reducing workforce turnover and primary source in defining the employee emotions leading to turnover is the emotional intelligence concept. This study identified the positive impact to businesses where a millennial sales leader's use of emotionally intelligent leadership directly reduces multigenerational sales workforce turnover. Five emerging themes identified in this study addressed benefits of emotionally intelligent millennial sales leadership and include the ability to mitigate generational differences, drive individual employee and organizational success, reduce perceived disingenuous leadership, and decrease turnover rates in the multigenerational sales workforce.


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