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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences

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D. Andrew Knight

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James Brenner

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Norito Takenaka

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Robert Usselman


Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are new class of hybrid materials that draw the attention of scientists to discover new properties that help in many fields. The structural diversity of MOFs is accessible by incorporating different organic linkers to the same metal cluster. In this work, we reacted seven flexible organic linkers with different lengths varying from 4-carbons to 10-carbons to a copper-paddlewheel metal cluster. The flexibility of the linkers make the confirmation of MOFs a challenge, although we were able to prepare a new crystalline MOF from a 5-carbon organic linker with two different copper-clusters. Another MOF in powder form was prepared from an 8-carbon organic linker under different conditions after a comparison of the powder X-ray diffraction of the synthesized product with the simulated MOF possessing the same linker. All other tested linkers did not produce a single crystal material to help in studying the differences in the structures of the different linkers length.


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