Date of Award


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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Bisk College of Business

First Advisor

Darrel Norman Burrell

Second Advisor

Zhiqing Zhou

Third Advisor

Kenneth Hanko

Fourth Advisor

Penny Vassar


Intrapreneurial activity within the firm varies within the contexts of employee perception and motivation. The problem explored in this study is to better understand complex internal workings of organizational dynamics, discovering what factors energize employees to perform intrapreneurially in the aerospace industry. This study examines antecedents and consequences of intrapreneurial activity within firms leading to innovation as a sustainable competitive advantage. The need for specific research is evident from limited data available regarding intrapreneurial motivation from the individual perspective within the aerospace community. The phenomenon of intrapreneurship within the aerospace industry often occurs over multiple years. This study examines the causal relationship between intrapreneurship, voluntary behavior and the relationship to a sustainable competitive advantage. The basis of this study lies in understanding why intrapreneurs are motivated to innovate, look for opportunities, initiate risk taking behavior, undertake new unproven intrapreneurial endeavors, and if the behavior is repeated.


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