Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computer Engineering and Sciences

First Advisor

Veton Kepuska

Second Advisor

Josko Zec

Third Advisor

Munevver Subasi

Fourth Advisor

Samuel P. Kozaitis


In this dissertation, an IPTV system was designed with new viewer parental control authentication method. People deal with traditional IPTV systems that use simple authentication numeric passcodes, and this topic did not receive the attention to overcome its security problems. In this dissertation two contributions were introduced, the first one is to design and implement an IPTV system that uses humans’ Biometrics authentication instead of numeric passwords; the second contribution was presented by integrating and testing the efficiency of the suggested solution as an authentication key against traditional numerical passcodes. Also, the characteristics of this new method were tested. In this work basically, two basic phases were involved. In the first phase, a new IPTV system was designed as complete authentication phases were added to the whole IPTV system. The second phase of this work involved the test of two human’s Biometrics which are the human voice and human face recognition. Both new tests were compared with the old numeric password system, and also were compared to each other. All experiments were conducted on humans who were assorted depending on their ages. Finally, each authentication system was examined as results of different groups’ ages were compared to check this authentication system on which age group will provide the best performance. A final comparison between voice and face authentication was conducted by comparing authentication results of each age group. All tests were primarily designed to evaluate the authenticity performance by checking how both systems can define registered users: are they real users? Fake users? Are they real but the system considered them fraudulent? Are they fraud users? Alternatively, the system recognized them as authentic users. All experiments were implemented using open source software, including the core of the system which was programmed using Python programing language, the database used in this work was the MySQL, and the user interface was designed using HTML and PHP scripting languages. All experiments were tested on both Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating systems, to ensure that this work can be implemented on both open-source and closed-source operating systems, to make sure that this work can be adopted as a new parental control for IPTV that are available in different operating systems environments.