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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Bisk College of Business

First Advisor

Lars B. Hansen

Second Advisor

Jignya Patel

Third Advisor

Christian J. Sonnenbeg

Fourth Advisor

Nicholas L. Weatherly


This study seeks to determine if and how organizational culture can be an antecedent to the formation and exploitation of a dynamic capability at the firm level. This proposed study method is a holistic single case study of a privately owned multi-state regional independent insurance agency to determine the relationship between organizational culture and the dynamic capability of an automated customer relationship management system (ACRMS). The theoretical framework used in this study is dynamic capabilities developed by Teece, Pisano and Shuen (1997) and further modified and refined by Teece (2014). This framework is based on the premise of the ability of the firm to integrate, build, and reconfigure heterogeneous and idiosyncratic capabilities in response to changes in the industry or business environment which can result in a sustained competitive advantage. The results of the case study supported organizational culture serving as an antecedent to dynamic capabilities as proposed by Eisenhardt and Martin (2000) who argued dynamic capabilities are more homogeneous than otherwise conceptualized, similar to a best practice. In addition there was a supplemental finding of moderate support for the organizational culture in the firm serving as a dynamic capability according to the definition of Teece (2014).


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