Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computer Engineering and Sciences

First Advisor

Brian Lail

Second Advisor

Muzaffar Shaikh

Third Advisor

Ivica Kostanic

Fourth Advisor

Carlos Otero


Generally, conventional wireless communication systems transfer data between two points through a channel, consisting of broadband with a multi-frequency band. Broadband or multiband is very important in wireless telecommunication devices. It is quickly advancing as high-speed and high-level data rate wireless modern communication technology. In wireless modern communication the antenna plays a very crucial role. Broadband with a multi-frequency band purpose has been the incitement of this research. However, there are a lot of challenges in designing and accomplishing a broadband with a multi-frequency band antenna than with a tight impedance bandwidth single antenna. Appropriate broadband with multi-frequency band antenna should be officially recognized in which working over an especially in broadband by as exactly the same determined by (WLAN (5.15–5.35 GHz and 5.725–5.825 GHz) Federal Communications Commission. At the same design, good enough radiation properties over the perfect frequency range are also compulsory. This dissertation focuses on broadband with multi-resonant frequency microstrip patch antenna style and analysis. Studies are undertaken covering the areas of broad with multi-band fundamentals and microstrip patch antenna theory. In recently years, the slot width and length in the patch antenna established itself as an effective a flexible, small, easy to install or etch on the solid surface, and easy to fine-tune for broadband with multi-frequency-band applications. The essential and main aim of this thesis is to suggest an effective antenna which, practical new design procedure to design an open-slot antenna with the foam gap and provide physical vision into the design using full-wave analysis methods through two software packages. This investigation systematically focuses on developing a new schema to design broadband and multiband with an open-slot antenna and a foam gap. The simulated software packages are used to confirm the new technology by comparing the results and clearly show. In this design, the effect of reactive loading on the line fed, three layers, and open slot loaded microstrip patch antenna with the gap is investigated by the (Method of Moments) (MOM). Itemized analyses of reactive loading appropriate to slot location and variation of slot width and length are presented. In this work, the design of the wideband patch antennas is considered uses the open slot technology. The radiated antenna layer, return loss simulated, gain, bandwidth, radiation pattern, and directivity have been investigated. The argumentations, investigations, and results of this thesis are helpful in designing and improving the performance of conventional characteristics patch antennas as per the need of the community and without harm to the environment and interference of signals.


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