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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Bisk College of Business

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B. Andrew Cudmore

Second Advisor

Henry Perez

Third Advisor

Donn Miller-Kermani

Fourth Advisor

Matthew Ruane


Acquisition reform has been active within the Defense Industry for over two centuries and continues to this day for the Federal Government. Recently, due to sequestration, high national debt, and political pressures, the Weapon System Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) and Better Buying Power (BBP) was put into action, in 2009 and 2010 respectively, as a way to further streamline the Defense Industry. This study examined the Defense Industry’s attitudes and coping strategies (focused on ‘countervailing power’) deal with the actions and the influence of a monopsonist (sole) buyer on the contracting process and how that ultimately affects costs, industry strategy, innovation, and diversification. Through the utilization of descriptive design survey-based methodology, theory-based hypotheses were tested. The study found that perceptions of BBP indicate an impact to contract costs, innovation, industry collaboration, and diversification. The implications of these findings set the groundwork for future research on the complicated relationship between the Government and the Defense Industry especially in terms of the BBP.


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