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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical and Civil Engineering

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Luis Daniel Otero

Second Advisor

Juan C. Avendano Arbelaez

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Mary Ann Gaal

Fourth Advisor

Ashok Pandit


The guidelines that form the Agile methodology framework are developed and adapted to the engineering consulting services industry. Four tools recommended by the literature are developed and adapted for the specific case of this industry. The implementation of the use of these tools is intended to help adopt the Agile methodology more effectively. A company that performs consulting services for airports is taken as a case study. This company did not officially implement the Agile methodology at the time this research has been done. The data is obtained through a survey designed to associate the company's activities with the guides and tools mentioned above. A total of thirty-four responses were collected from personnel at all levels of the organization. The data analysis is performed by dividing the population in two different ways, namely experience, and job position. The results are evaluated by doing a frequency analysis and normalizing the data for comparison between the different categories. In addition, a statistical analysis is carried out using the Pearson's test, which allows to determine if there is a statistical relationship between the variables of experience or position, and the guides or tools. Finally, an estimation of the level of adaptation of the method is made. The results show that although the company has not officially adopted the method, it does implement the use of the guides and tools at a certain level. It can be seen that in some aspects, such as communication, there are dependencies with the level of experience and job position. Finally, it is estimated that the level of adaptation of the method made by this company is 67%, so there is a margin to apply the tools, and increase the percentage of adaptation of the method. At the end of the analysis, and taking into account the frequency study and the statistical study, the status of each of the parameters is detailed, and recommendations are provided accordingly.


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