Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mathematical Sciences

First Advisor

Samantha R. Fowler

Second Advisor

Ken Lindeman

Third Advisor

Maria I. Lavooy

Fourth Advisor

Mary S. Bonhomme


This study investigated the impact of age, location, and marital status on the attitudes of Saudi female students’ toward online education. A total number of 135 females participated in the survey. Findings revealed that Saudi female students had positive attitudes toward online education courses in both Saudi Arabia and the United States. Attitudes toward online educational courses were not significantly impacted by the age and locations of the participants. However, marital status significantly impacted the attitudes, where single participants were found to have a different attitude than married and divorced participants. Willingness to communicate with male instructors was not significantly impacted by the participants’ locations and marital status. Additionally, marital status of the participants did not have a significant impact on the willingness to communicate with male classmates; however, it was significantly impacted by participants’ location of residency. Interviews with 20 participants helped to characterize young Saudi female students who seek high quality education development.