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In this report we summarize the results for three experiments completed during the Link Fellowship period. The aim of the first and second experiments were to test the efficacy of a novel assessment procedure for determining visual acuity and quantifying depth errors of observers wearing an optical see-t1u·ough prototype head-mounted display. If successful, the assessments could provide an optimization procedure capable of discerning limitations attributed to separate components of the VE system or to the system as a whole. The second experiment explored the feasibility of utilizing mixed reality (a mix of real and virtual items) environments for the study of brain injury. More specifically, we hypothesized that providing natural spatial and geographical cues to a person with anterograde amnesia would lead to better transfer of training of therapy to their home environment. Taken together, these experiments provide the foundation for further testing ego and exocentric relationships of objects within VEs as they pertain to cognitive rehabilitation protocols for different populations of persons with acquired brain injury (e.g., spatial neglect).

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Link Foundation Fellowship for the years 2004-2005.

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