Aditi Majumder

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We present some ideas and demonstrations for a hybrid projector-based rendering and display technique we call Computer Graphics Optique. Instead of partially overlapping projected images to achieve a wide-area display, we completely overlap projected images on top of each other to achieve the addition of light and color in an "optical composition buffer''. The idea is to use the optical composition to replace some analytical computation, to increase rendering speed, gain flexibility, intensity range, and intensity resolution. Where projector-based displays are appropriate, potential uses include the optical realization of certain effects normally requiring a digital accumulation buffer, the optical composition of heterogeneous lighting techniques, and the ability to use heterogeneous graphics engines, in parallel. In addition one can make use of the optical projector control of focus augmented with the optical superposition to achieve effects that are otherwise computationally expensive. We believe that this technique offers the possibility of a new paradigm for combined rendering and projector-based display.

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Link Foundation Fellowship for the years 2000-2001



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