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At Sapper Engineering, we strive to design structures that uphold our philosophy of building safe, reliable, and economical futures. After first being approached by Mr. Greg Tsark on behalf of Florida Institute of Technology, it became our goal to verify the need for a pedestrian bridge and to choose the best possible location to suit the needs of Florida Tech. As a group, we determined the location in between the Panther Dining Garage and Landmark at Grand Meadows as the most ideal location based on five categories; Usability, Line of Sight, Room for Ramps, Flexibility, and Location of Gateway. In addition to this we determine the best design for the bridge based on six categories while paying special attention to cost, sustainability and feasibility. The final design is a combination of simple, yet traditional styling while still complimenting the campus architecture throughout the structure.

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Faculty Advisor: Prof. Schroeder



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