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Florida Scientist


The diet of the Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) was investigated by examining stomach contents of adults from the Indian River and juveniles from the surf zone off Brevard County. Juveniles consumed primarily henthic crustaceans, mainly Emerita talpoida, and the bivalve, Donax variabilis. The diet of the adults consisted mainly of bivalve molluscs in the families Tellinidae, Mactridae, and Arcidae. In comparison with juveniles, the adults displayed a decrease in the number of planktonic organisms that are selected as prey items. Availability of prey appears to be more important than caloric content of prey in determining the diet of T. carolinus. The diet of adult pompano may be more diverse in those individuals found near the inlet regions of the lagoon. Our findings differ from previous studies that have determined bivalves to be more important in the diet of juvenile Florida pompano and crustaceans to he dominant in the diet of adult Florida pompano.

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