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Users in virtual environments often find navigation n1ore difficult than in the real world, Our new locomotion interface, Redirected Free Exploration with Distractors (RFED), enables users to walk in larger-than-tracked space VEs without predefined waypoints. RFED uses the concept of a distractor-an object, sound, or combination of object and sound in the VE that the user focuses on while the VE rotates, reducing perception of the rotation, and thus reducing the likelihood of a break in presence { 11 ]. We compared RFED to the current best interface, really walking, by conducting a user study 1neasuring navigational ability. Our results show that RFED users can really walk through VEs that are larger than the tracked space and can.point to targets and complete maps of VEs no worse than when really walking.

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Link Foundation Fellowship for the years 2008-2009.

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